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Wise Safety is a 3M | Scott Service Center

  • NFPA Function Test (required yearly)
  • Industrial Function Test (required every two years)
  • Compliance Inspection of SCBA pack, straps and belts
  • NHydrostatic Cylinder Test (required every five years)
  • In House and On-Site
  • PosiCheck Report printout

Regular inspections are required to ensure SCBAs are functioning at their best. NFPA 1852 "Standard on the Selection, Care, and Maintenance of Open-Circuit Breathing Apparatus" mandates, all compliant SCBA be tested once per year at a minimum on a calibrated breathing machine before being put into service. It's worth noting that many states and jurisdictions have adopted NFPA standards as law.
Flow Tests/Performance Tests, OSHA Recommended Monthly Checks, Cylinder Testing, tests when going back into service, Basic Inspections and Functional Testing create a huge data management burden. Combining the previous with the question of who completed the test and when was the test completed makes for an impossible data storage task.

Questions? Call any location or contact us at j.brooks@wisesafetyenv.com

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